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The Drug Priligy

Problems with potency and sexual life is the problem most of men. According to information, with such disorders face even young, healthy teenagers. Modern pharmacology presents a man many drugs that are able to increase the erection. Today many men's interested in questions about what constitutes remedy priligy, reviews doctor about this remedy and the mechanism of its effect on the body. What the outcomes you can count? Can remedy to harm the body?

The drug Priligy: description and composition

This drug often used in new medicine. Manufactured it's in the form of tablets (10 pieces in each blister). The priligy tablets are round, biconvex shape, blue color (sometimes with a slight green tint depending on the manufacturer). Top each tablet film-coated.
The main active material of the preparation of hypochlorite is dapoxetine. This composition is a selective inhibitor and the function of the active capture of a serotonin.Medication priligy made in different doses - one tablet medication may contain 90 acting component.

Pharmacological properties of the drug Priligy

As already mentioned, the hypochlorite of dapoxetine provides reuptake biologically active ingredient of serotonin. Thus, in the cortex locked some forms of the receptor that allows you to ensure the sexual act and detain ejaculatio.
The drug priligy quickly absorbed by the body. The maximum concentration positive substances in the blood after 30 - 60 minutes after use the pills. On the other hand, medication also quickly included in the processes of metabolism and is excreted through the kidneys - after about 2 - 3 hours level of hypochlorite dapoxetine drops sharply.
Unlike other medications used to improve sexual functions of the body, the tool provides almost Priligy instant effect.

Indications for use of the drug Priligy

According to survey, about 30 % modern men over 20 regular meet with the problem of premature ejaculation. Such violation disgusting affects sex life, relationships with the opposite sex and, of course, the psyche teenager. Fortunately, modern medicine helps to solve a similar problem with the help of medication and psychological treatment.
Initially, the tool is Priligy used for the treatment of depressive States. But pretty quickly it was noted that remedy more effective for the correction of sexual life. And today, many experts advise their patients drug Priligy.
Indication for the use of medication is primarily premature ejaculation. In addition, okay the therapy has a positive effect on psycho-emotional state of the man.

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